2021 Course Enrolment Newsletter

Welcome everyone and Happy New Year to you all. We hope 2021 is a much more productive year for U3A Corangamite

As you go through this very informative newsletter you will find a great deal of important information. Please enjoy what we have planned. Remember however we are still under COVID Rules and have to strictly monitor every activity. Please, if after enrolling, you are not well, let the contact person know and do not attend. Each leader will have a contact tracing sheet for COVID rules.

  • Thank you to the Committee who have been very busy preparing for this year. Well done folks.
  • Thank you to Colin Hayman who has audited our finance books. Much appreciated Colin.
  • Under the current COVID rules we will be abiding by the social distancing, sanitisation, number limits and contact tracing recording.
  • We will not be issuing a 2021 membership card this year. Please just use your 2020 one after having completed a membership form. The membership form can be downloaded from the U3A Corangamite website. We still have around 50 members who have not completed the form and sent it back. We must have every member up to date. Please also check your medical cards in your lanyards as some of the information there may have changed. Importantly wear your lanyard to every activity you attend. Remember your 2020 membership fee has been rolled over to 2021. If you have friends wishing to join the cost is $30.
  • Sponsors: our 2 sponsors – the Cobden/Camperdown Community Bank and Hello World Camperdown will continue with us in 2021. Please consider using their services, particularly after a tough 2020 for them. We will carry their ad in each newsletter.
  • Below you will see the new format for enrolling in courses. Due to COVID we cannot have our enrolment day and so everything must be done online or by mail. You can also hand your choices sheet to a committee person.
  • Remember to keep a copy of what you have chosen and transfer details to your diaries, calendars etc.
  • We normally have afternoon tea with each activity. Due to COVID we can only provide tea and coffee. If you want a snack please bring your own.
  • We have a new website design and encourage you to have a good look at it. Thanks to Barb Cowley for her great work with this.
  • Finally, as a form of advertising for our organisation I was approached by Progressing Cobden to take part in their monthly podcast called “Cobden Now We’re Talking!” This will be out next week and you can use the QR code below or just google the name of the Podcast or use Facebook. In the podcast I have given all the details about our group, what we offer etc. Please let your friends know as it may help us to gain more members. Finally have a great year with us. Please let us know if we can help in any way, if you have any queries and if you have any suggestions for activities. Stay well, busy and safe.

Gary Kimber