A Word from the President


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Hello to everyone again

Firstly, I would like to apologise for not sticking to our fortnightly schedule of news. We wanted to wait till after Mothers’ Day and the announcements of Scott Morrison and Daniel Andrews.

We hope that all the Mums had as good a day as they possibly could on Mother’s Day. In such trying times, family is so important and Mums, you deserve everything your families can do for you.

In taking in the announcements re easing of restrictions, we were hoping to have a Committee meeting next week but cannot do so. With the allowing of 5 guests to visit family/friends inside we hope this is a great move for you all to consider.

With groups of 10 outside, this is an excellent step also.

It is important to note that these are the rules until the end of May. What happens after that depends on Victorians handling of today’s announcements.

In looking at our list of programs it would seem highly unlikely that we begin any activities this month. Even with further easing, it would appear that programs may not begin until July. We will continue to monitor the situation.

We understand everyone’s frustration but as we are all in the vulnerable age group we must take every precaution we can. Please socially distance, sanitise and have a test if you feel it is necessary.

We will however be keeping up with a fortnightly news sheet for you all.

We would like you to send us any celebrations please – anniversaries, birthdays including special ones so we can all celebrate instead of a quiet day of celebration at home for you!!!! Photos can be sent as well please.

Also if you’d like to send us something unique you’re doing through the virus crisis, we’ll put it in the news sheet also. It can be funny, quirky etc.

Gary Kimber