A Word from the President

As we head into the winter months, we encourage you all to use our programs as a source of warmth! New ones are listed in the June Newsletter and again they will supplement our continuing ones.

A big thank you to everyone as you have obviously now got into the habit of checking your diaries/calendars and contacted us early if things have changed since you booked into a program. Our program numbers are still quite high and we are very pleased that what we are offering seems to be to your needs.

As previously reported we have run a competition to come up with a name for our newsletter. We can proudly announce that it will now be called GREY MATTERS. We hope you enjoy this name and thank those who provided a suggestion.

Course Leaders Seminar/Workshop: elsewhere in the newsletter are details of a seminar/workshop for current, past and potential new course leaders. This is a great opportunity for everyone to take part in a fun session. Thank you to Dominique Fowler for her work in preparing the session.

Now that we have 3 mahjong groups across the Shire the Committee has purchased card tables for use by the players.

The Committee has decided that at both the Travel Tales and Friday Forum sessions a voluntary gold coin donation system will be introduced. The purpose is to assist with catering costs, venue costs and some leaders’ costs. As stated the donation is voluntary and we hope that you understand why we have come to this tough decision.

Recently I have had several calls asking if a session on the use of defibrillators could be held. Please get back to me if you would be interested and /or know of anyone who could take such a session.

For those of you going away, have a very safe journey and enjoy the warmth of the northern states. Remember to check for U3A’s if you are staying in one area for a while.

Gary Kimber, President