A Word From The U3A President

Its amazing how time flies when you’re having fun: an old saying, but such a true one for our organization! So many activities, so much participation and yet more new courses coming up in May (read our May newsletter). Also we now have reached a membership of 159. WOW! What a fantastic number and a record for us.

We have been running a ‘Name the Newsletter’ competition and have had 15 suggestions. The Committee will make a final decision at its May meeting. Thank you to those who contributed.

U3A Corangamite is unlike other U3A groups. There is no central office for members to register for activities and there is no central place for classes. Our membership-base is spread widely and our Committee and leaders work extremely hard to provide activities all over the Shire.

Our members may be coming long distances to attend events so our U3A includes refreshments with a many of its programs as social interaction is one of our aims. It is so very heartening to see members catching up, chatting and laughing over a cuppa and cake. It is disappointing (and sometimes costly!) however, when people just don’t turn up! This has happened in 8 programs in March/April!

Some of our programs include a great deal of “behind the scenes” preparation and costs such as catering, setting up furniture, organising technology, sourcing equipment etc and is organised according to booked numbers. Our U3A relies heavily on our members recording their bookings, checking their diary and letting us know if they can’t attend a booked activity.

We understand totally that circumstances can change in your lives very quickly. We understand that appointments pop up unexpectedly. We understand that our kids and grandkids can become all consuming. We also understand that you are very busy people. We want you to be busy!

We also know that our Committee, leaders and contact people do a massive amount of volunteer work to provide interesting and varied activities over the Shire for members. We want to spare them and U3A Corangamite the embarrassment of people just not turning up!

We hope you understand our situation and check your diary, Facebook and newsletter regularly so that our volunteer organisers and hard working committee get the support they deserve!!

Our mid-year lunch is coming up on Wednesday 12th June @ 12.30pm at the Ball and Chain Hotel Simpson, (formerly the Simpson Hotel). It will be an order-off-the-menu event; however bookings are essential. Details and booking contacts are given later in this newsletter.

One of the matters raised at the Committee was the provision of activities that specifically deal with indigenous matters. If you can help us with this it would be terrific.

Please keep on enjoying, learning and laughing!

Gary Kimber President