A Word from the President

Another exciting month of activities, fun, learning and laughter: thank you to everyone for joining in and indeed encouraging others to join. I believe our numbers are almost 160 which is a record for us. You can read our U3A Newsletter April 2019 to keep up-to-date.

Our committee has spent a great deal of time in planning, preparing and conducting all that you receive in communication and the activities. Due to this we have been overwhelmed with your response to program choice. As such some programs will now have waiting lists as we have only a certain amount of room in our meeting places.

So if you did enroll back on 31st January please check the sheet you filled in at the time listing your choices or if have enrolled since but now cannot be present please let the contact person know of your apology as soon as you can (whether or not there is cost involved) as we can add members to our waiting lists and we can have an accurate number for catering. We know that things crop up at very late notice but thank you for your understanding.

We receive several queries about programs and encourage you to keep each month’s newsletters for information and also check our website www.u3acorangamite.org.au as it is updated monthly by our Web Manager Barb Cowley. Thanks Barb.

Enjoy your time with U3A and Live Well! Gary Kimber, President