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Keep up to date with the latest from U3A Corangamite, with the March newsletter and read our President’s message.

One month in and our 150 members are well into a variety of courses/activities. Our day in January really set the scene with around 90 present. We hope you were able to come away well prepared for your choices. We thank those who were able to attend. We encourage you to share this newsletter with friends so that they may become members and enjoy the programs just as you do.

Further in this newsletter are some new courses and each month this will continue as programs are found.

One area we would like to highlight is that once you put your name down for a course, unless arrangements change you won’t receive a reminder. This helps our contact person immensely with his/her time. If you can’t make it, we ask you to apologise as early as you can.

At the AGM several members asked about car pooling where travel is required. If you want to be part of a car-pool list please respond to me by February on or 04 3907 9098 and we can pass this on to leaders.

Our committee, listed elsewhere in the newsletter, is still one member short. We have always attempted to have people from all parts of the Shire. At the moment we have no rep from the South. If anyone is interested in joining please contact me by 25th February. However we are delighted to welcome to the Committee new members Karen Richardson and Trish Taylor, both from Camperdown.

Our organisation is different to many others in that we do not meet as a whole group on a regular basis. In fact we will meet three times during this year: AGM/Course day, the mid-year lunch which will be on Wednesday 12th June and the end-of-year lunch which will be on Wednesday 20th November. Full details of these two functions will be given in due course in future newsletters.

During March, myself and Marilyn will be away for all of March and Secretary David Mernagh will be away from 24th February through to 10th March; all of us will be off both the e-mail and phone grid.
In our absence, alternative people to contact for March programs are:

  • for any general queries, please contact either Dominique Fowler on 04 3891 8337or Linda Castaldo on 04 3845 7825
  • Let’s Do Lunch – Linda Castaldo 04 3845 7825
  • Current Affairs -Val Maynard 5595 1768
  • Tea and Tour for Ten – 21st March Judith Sarto 04 3132 5881
  • Travel Tales – Frank Martin 04 2836 3375
  • Singing – Gwen Steele 5595 1424
  • Movies – Don McInnes 04 4823 0248

Name Our Newsletter

Our monthly newsletter needs a name!!! Therefore we are running a competition to give it that name. Suggestions can be sent to by 31st March and the winning entrant will receive a U3A voucher to use at a U3A course. We would like to see the name encompassing our Shire, its highlights and our group as a whole. Good luck!!!

Suggestions from the AGM

There were many suggestions provided in the suggestion box at the AGM. These are what we received. At our recent Committee meeting we discussed them and these are our thoughts.

  • Let’s Do Lunch – Cape Otway Light Station & Spud Shed Lavers Hill – we will investigate them.
  • “I only paid the night before and I was on the list! “– it was great to get that positive feedback.
  • Tea and Tour for Ten: with all the historic properties in the area would it be possible to visit 1 or 2 of them?
    Please help us out by giving us names and contacts.
  • War on Waste: do we need a new card and plastic holder every year? – no we agree from now on you’ll just receive a membership card. The lanyard and plastic holder stays with you and will continue to be used.
  • Can we have Mahjong in Cobden on Wednesday or Friday morning? We have looked at the possibility and Mahjong@ Cobden will start on Friday 12th April.

Gary Kimber, President