August Newsletter

August Newsletter


It’s amazing how the Covid scene changes. In my first draft of this section, I was remarking how well we are going with our programs. Well, that is now certainly not so. Once the lockdown ends, we hope to open up as best we can! Just to refresh yourselves on 2021 so far, why not go to our website for a pictorial summary in Gallery.

We know that several members are going /have gone away and we hope their journeys are safe and no doubt warmer than here in the Corangamite Shire. Remember U3A’s are Australia wide so look out for them.

Recently we sent out a request for assistance for programs. Thank you to those who offered their assistance. We now have the days covered. This is really appreciated.

Since the mid-year lunch, we have had several new members join and we welcome them and hope they will enjoy programs just as we do.

Continue to have fun everyone. Stay warm, well and safe.

Gary Kimber