Committee News in June

July Newsletter

It’s now the middle of winter and July will be a fairly quiet month in regard to activities. Several Committee members and coordinators are taking the opportunity to have a break and to travel to a warmer climate! Accordingly, several activities have been placed on hold in July; viz.

  • there will be no bike ride or hike;
  • there will be no Tea & Tour for Ten, Friday Forum or Travel Tales (except for 24th June Travel Tales that has been re-scheduled to 1st July);
  • there will be no Scrabble or Mah-jong in Terang in July;
  • Current Affairs will go into recess and will recommence in September; and
  • Croquet at Terang is also taking a break and will resume in early Spring.

At its most recent meeting, the Committee considered a suggestion that a welfare person be appointed who will be the contact person for the membership. The role of the welfare person is to respond to any reports from members so we may keep in touch with sick or bereaved members, those members feeling isolated or lonely or members who may be in need of moral support or physical help. The welfare person might send cards with appropriate messages and will advise the Committee if more support is needed. Gary Kimber has agreed to take on this role and this was endorsed by the Committee. So, if you need to contact Gary, his e-mail address is A person’s wellbeing can be bolstered by the help they receive in time of need!

Also at that meeting, the Committee noted a letter and nomination/information form that had been sent from the Victorian Department of Families, Fairness and Housing advising that nominations are now open for 2022 Victorian Senior of the Year Awards. A copy of the letter is included later in the newsletter. If a member wishes to nominate someone and if you would like to have the nomination/information form sent out, please contact Secretary, David Mernagh, on 0429 951 643 and it the package will be mailed to you.

As several Committee members will be away for the next few weeks, it was decided not to hold a committee meeting in July. Any urgent issues that arise will be dealt with by the Secretary via e-mail with Committee members. The next Committee meeting will be on Tuesday 16th August @ 10.30am at Mt Noorat.