February Frolics

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February 7th – Bike Ride

Our bike riders rode 17km this morning up Cemetery Rd and back to Cobden via the Rail Trail…and of course had morning tea at the end 😜.

February 14th – Hike

Our hiking group enjoyed the sunshine today as well as the super view from Mt Leura.

February 9th – Mini Golf

A fun afternoon at Cobden Mini Golf 👍.

February 16th – Tea and Tour for $10

Members today visited the Cobden Pioneer Park which houses lots & lots of yesteryear relics as well as items from the old Cobden Butter factory. A Devonshire tea in the barn which is full of olden day buggies & coaches finished off the afternoon outing. Thanks heaps Sue and Heather for being our tour guides and thanks for hosting our afternoon tea.

February 17th – Friday Forum

Our members enjoyed a talk by Camperdown historian Bob Lambell who detailed the flora and fauna of our region before European settlement in Australia in 1839 and after their arrival. Massive changes in vegetation saw the indigenous people go through vast changes.

Fauna species have also undergone huge changes with many becoming extinct.

Thanks Bob for a very passionate and informative talk.

February 24th – Travel Tales

Kalkarinji in the Northern Territory was our Travel Tales destination today. Don and Sue McInnes shared the experiences they had in this remote community when they visited a teacher relative.

The Freedom Rally and March attended by thousands of people was certainly an unforgettable experience. Thanks Don and Sue for telling us all about the Freedom Rally and March and giving us an insight into the Indigenous way of life.

February 27th – Let’s Do Lunch

We had 25 members enjoy “Let’s do Lunch” today at The Fat Cow in Timboon. The meals, service and hospitality were 👍.

Lots of fun & fellowship 🎉