From the Prez

142 members and still climbing – fantastic and congratulations to you all for spreading the word!! Around 30 activities/ classes: again fantastic!
We have had a few problems with registering for courses.
Please go back to the original list of activities or the one with the latest newsletter, choose the one you want and ring the contact person to be a part. Some people have not been sure if they are registered for a course. Simply ring the contact person or myself.
Try to car pool whenever you can. It adds to the fun and enjoyment.
Please if you have any exciting course offerings and/or leaders please let us know
After the first Travel Tales which had a record attendance of 28!! (Well done Terry, Ruth, Karen and Karen), we had a query re the use of a microphone in the room. This has been solved and will be used from now on.
Also we are looking into a better computer projector and system.
Now that 2 months of activity have come and gone we would like to know of any comments, suggestions etc so that our committee can try to do things even better.
Finally continue to have fun, keep well never stop learning!
Gary Kimber