From the Prez

Our U3A year is now up and running and our Committee hopes you are enjoying the events that you have attended so far.

Lots of activities and lots of fellowship! Most importantly: we are never too old to learn for learning is a life-long process so keep learning and enjoying.

An updated courses calendar for April and May is available. Can you please check the courses you have been enrolled in and signed up for: unfortunately there have been some instances of members not turning up for courses that they had in fact enrolled in and without any apology. As all the tutors are volunteers it would be most appreciated if you could inform the contact person of any impending non- attendance BEFORE the class date.

Remember: If you are unable to attend any session of any class or group you are enrolled in, please notify your course leader. Contact details will be provided on enrolment. You must sign a Class Roll or Attendance Sheet for every session you attend.

If you do not attend an event which requires payment and in which you have enrolled you will have to pay the appropriate amount unless circumstances warrant a different outcome. In 2017 and already in 2018 we had many instances of non- attendance in this regard and the organisation had to pay the amount. We know you will understand this. Thank you.

All members MUST complete AND SIGN a 2018 Membership Application form in full.

If you have not done so at this stage, can you please complete the membership form and send it to the U3A Treasurer, PO Box 55 Cobden 3266.

142 members and still climbing – fantastic and congratulations to you all for spreading the word!! Around 30 activities/ classes: again fantastic!
We have had a few problems with registering for courses. Please go back to the original list of activities or the one with this newsletter, choose the one you want and ring the contact person to be included. Some people have not been sure if they are registered for a course. Simply ring the contact person or myself. Try to car pool whenever you can. It adds to the fun and enjoyment.  Please if you have any exciting course offerings and/or leaders please let us know

After the first Travel Tales which had a record attendance of 28!! (Well done Terry, Ruth, Karen and Karen), we had a query re the use of a microphone in the room. This has been solved and will be used from now on. We are looking into a better computer projector and system.
Now that two months of activity have come and gone we would like to know of any comments, suggestions etc. so that our committee can try to do things even better.
Finally continue to have fun, and never stop learning!

We’re going to try a new course or set of courses called ‘Appy’ Hours.
This is where a group of people who have tablets/i-pads get together, have a cuppa and swap tips and traps to improve their usage. They hopefully will be in cafes in your towns. You’ll be able to discover new apps, websites, you-tube clips etc. The web world is yours.
Contact Gary Kimber 04 3907 9098 to register your interest by Friday 20th APRIL. Please give your name, phone number, town, preferred days and a café if possible.
There will be no leaders. Groups will control their own program. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to have APPY groups all over the Shire. They could be 4 people or up to 10.

The U3A booking and cancelling system has worked so much better this term due to your consideration. Thank you to those people who have let us know of your cancellation. You make it so much easier for our volunteer contact people when you let them know your intentions. The main form of communication with U3A is via e-mail. The U3A Committee needs you to help them by checking your e-mails on a more regular basis.


  • we have updates which we want you to know;
  • we send out new courses which we want you to enrol in;
  • we let you know about changes eg cancellations;
  • we may need your confirmation when a cost is involved;
  • we may be sending you directions on how to get to an activity;
  • we may need a quick response to a request and the list goes on…….

Please try and help us.


The Corangamite Shire has gone through a tumultuous time in the past two weeks with the terrible bushfires and there is no doubt that the recovery period will go on for a long time yet.

  • To all U3A Corangamite members who have been affected in any way either directly through house, property, fence or stock loss or have friends and relatives who have suffered losses, the Committee passes on its very best wishes during what can only be an extremely tough time.
  • We can all be very proud of all of the emergency services workers who so selflessly gave so much time to ensure the safety of others. The fact that there was no loss of life is a great testament to their efforts.
  • A very special mention must be made of Corangamite Mayor Jo Beard who has been superb in the way she has led the process since the fires began. Thank you Jo! If you get a chance please have a look at the Facebook clip from the TV Show The Project where Jo was interviewed.
  • On behalf of U3A Corangamite members, the Committee wishes to donate $ 750 to the Bushfire Relief Fund run through the Cobden and Camperdown Community Bank.
  • We encourage members, if they can, to also donate. The appeal details can be found on the following website:

if you are doing this online, or direct deposit can be made at either the Cobden or Camperdown branches, or indeed any Bendigo Bank branch.

  • Donations can also be made to Rotary International’s Appeal via Account Name – Rotary International District 9780 – bushfire appeal BSB – 035070 Account Number – 179149.
  • Donations primarily will go to feed costs and provision of fencing materials as well as other needs for farmers.
  • Blaze Aid (situated at the Cobden Go Kart Complex) is looking for donations of:- fencing materials- labour.
    If you can help them please ring Christine on 0418745994.


Mahjong – Derrinallum

Every Monday @1.30 – Derrinallum Library Beginners are catered for. Vacancies exist Contact: Robyn Hyde on 04 3467 1310

Tea and Tour for $10

1. Costumes, Costumes and more Costumes!!
Old Masonic Lodge, 56 Williams Street, Lismore Tuesday 24th April @1.30PM

Dorothy Nicholls has a massive collection of clothes from the 20th century, around 2000. Don’t miss this opportunity to see the collection and hear some amazing stories of the “Social history of the Western District in fashion”

Afternoon tea will be at Lismore Antiques.
Leader: Marilyn Kimber 04 3758 4998 or No Vacancies.

2. Jokers – Fancy a Fancy Dress? An Insight into this Business
Jokers Costumes, 95 Manifold Street, Camperdown

Friday 18th May @ 1.30PM
Contact: Marilyn Kimber 04 3758 4998 or
Bookings by Monday 14th May. Vacancies exist.

Let’s Do Lunch
Wednesday 9th May @12.30PM
Venue: The Blue Wren
Curdie Street, Cobden (next to the Post Office) Contact: Gary Kimber 04 3907 9098
Bookings by Friday 4th May. Vacancies exist


Now every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month @1.30PM Venue: Cobdenhealth Education Centre
Next session: Tuesday 10th April. Vacancies exist Contact: Dana Lander on 04 6656 1559

Let’s Do Coffee and Books – Cobden

Every second Monday of the month @1.30PM
Venue: Cobdenhealth Education Centre
Begins: Monday 9th April
Bring a favourite book to the first session. Vacancies exist Contact: Gary Kimber on 04 3907 9098

Friday Forum

Friday 19th April @1.30PM
Venue: Community House, Camperdown

Robert Wasutch: Germany after the downing of the Wall. Robert gives a fascinating insight into life in Germany at this time.

Afternoon tea provided. Vacancies exist.
Contact: Eve Black on 5592 5333 by Monday 14th April

Travel Tales

Postponed: Linda Morgan: Climbing to the Base camp of Mt Everest – A graphic and scenic story of Linda’s journey.

1. Carol Fulford: The Mysterious Silk Road in Asia

Friday 27th April, 1.30pm
Venue: Cobdenhealth Education Centre
Vacancies exist
Contact Marilyn Kimber 0437 584 998, by Monday 23rd April.

2. Dana Lander: Wat is Cambodia? Friday 25th May @1.30PM
Venue: Cobdenhealth Education Center
Afternoon tea provided. Vacancies exist.

Contact Marilyn Kimber on 04 3758 4998 or by Monday 21st May.

3. Kerrin McKenzie: Trekking the Kokoda Trail

Friday 29th June 29 @1.30pm
Venue: Cobdenhealth Education Center
Afternoon tea provided. Vacancies exist.

Contact Marilyn Kimber on 04 3758 4998 or by Monday 25thJune.

‘Appy’ Hours

Here is a chance for those who have a tablet/ipad to get together over a cuppa in a café in your town. No leader but just swap tips and traps to improve your use. Discover interesting apps, websites and you-tube clips. The world is your ‘appy’ oyster!

Just ring to express interest, preferred days, your town and when we get enough for a town we’ll begin. If you know a good café let us know also.

Dates and times are to be negotiated.
Contact Gary Kimber 04 3907 9098 by Friday 20th April

Back To School

Our schools have gone through a major and revolutionary upgrade in facilities and programs for their students. Here is a chance to have a tour around one of our district schools. You’ll be blown away with what our secondary students do and the opportunities they can take on.

Cobden Technical School
Tuesday 29th May @1.30PM

The school has just taken part in a major upgrade as part of the Corangamite Trade Training Cluster. Its brand new facilities (opened in March 2018) house facilities for building construction, automotive, electro technology, metal work and welding. It’s basically for years 10-12 students from all over the Corangamite Shire.

The school welcomes everyone to go on the tour as it is amazing what you’ll see and learn.
Contact Gary Kimber 04 3907 9098 by Friday 25th May

Gary Kimber