From the Prez

Newsletter July 2018

Our mid-year lunch in Timboon was a great occasion with 34 members enjoying a yummy meal, lots of fun and laughter with many going home with a lucky door prize. Particular thanks go to Don McInnes who organised the day.

At the luncheon members filled in an evaluation form which asked 3 questions-

  1. Which programs had they enjoyed in 2018
  2. How could the Committee best improve things for them
  3. If using email for their communication how often do they check it: this was to help the committee see if members are checking their e-mail for our newsletter etc. and how often.

The first question indicated an acceptance and enjoyment of all programs with many members taking part in several programs.

The second question gave us many suggestions some of which we will work on but these we’ll take up ASAP.

  • We will be purchasing a computer for various programs. Hopefully a successful grant from the Shire will assist in this.
  • We will attempt to repeat successful programs and indeed the first will be a visit to Jokers Costumes in Camperdown: read more in the newsletter.
  • We will be changing members’ name tags in 2019 to give larger black print and bolder Christian names.
  • A visit to a local winery. Otway Estate is being investigated: read more in the newsletter.
  • Putting a weekly reminder of programs on Facebook each Sunday. Conducting more tours and travel tales: see later.
  • Conducting a Memorable Moments session where members share special times in their lives: see later.

The third question indicated that the large percentage of our member check their e-mails daily with a small percentage just weekly. What we hope to see is that all members with access to e-mail continue to check for our newsletter and special notes.

Thank you to all members who completed the questions.