From the U3A Committee

February Newsletter

Welcome to another year at U3A Corangamite! The Committee extends a very warm
welcome to both renewing and new members who are looking forward to
participating in activities to keep their minds and bodies active.

Normally we do not send out a members’ newsletter for February but here is a brief
bulletin to provide you with some information on the U3A Corangamite activities
that are commencing next month; a calendar of February events is included below.

A reminder: the 2023 Annual General Meeting is being held this Friday 27th
January @ 1.30pm at the Cobden Senior Citizens Centre. After the AGM,
coordinators will be sent the list of enrolments based on the forms that have been
returned to me in the last few weeks.

There have been a substantial number of members who did not send in an
enrolment form so now if you wish to attend an activity you will need to contact the
coordinator directly.

For those of you that submitted your enrolment form and ticked YES for any
activity, you will be automatically included as an attendee for that activity in
February unless you advise us otherwise. Hopefully you have kept a record of
your selections!

These events, along with Friday Forum which commences in March, are advertised
monthly so ticking the ones for February does not mean you are listed for these
events for the rest of the year.

This is particularly important for the following 3 activities, Tea and Tour for Ten $10) Cobden Pioneer Park, Travel Tales and Let’s Do Lunch.

We would ask that if you are unable to attend an activity for which you are registered, please remember to contact the relevant coordinator to advise your withdrawal.

2023 Membership Cards

In the next couple of weeks, you will be given 2 new 2023 membership cards. Your full name is given on the first card. Just write your preferred first name on the 2nd blank card.

Between the two cards is a new medical card. Please insert your details on the card and place it back in-between the two membership cards.

Please let the Secretary know if you require a new lanyard or card holder.

NOTE: You must carry your membership and medical cards with you to each U3A event that you attend.


For your records, a list of coordinators for each activity with contact details can be found here.

Cobden Activities

Scrabble, Cribbage and Let’s do Coffee & Books activities at Cobden will now be held at the Cobden Uniting Church and not Cobdenheath.

Friday Forum and Travel Tales will still be held at the Cobden Senior Citizens Centre.