October Committee News

October newsletter

Planning 2023

As the meeting of the U3A Corangamite Committee was rescheduled from the 20th to the 27th September, at the time of going to print and distribution of this newsletter, unfortunately we are unable to confirm details of important issues for 2023 which the Committee hoped to have included in this newsletter, viz. membership fees, course enrolment information and the timing of the Annual General Meeting.

After the Committee has discussed the planning issues and finalised arrangements at its meeting on the 27th, a separate advice will be sent to you via e-mail by 1st October.

3 Year Partnership

It’s with tremendous excitement that we can announce another 3-year partnership with the Cobden/Camperdown Community Bank (Bendigo Bank).
The bank will continue to support and assist with all of our costs for:

  • the Welcome Day/AGM/Enrolment Day in January each year;
  • our wide range of administration costs throughout each year (postage, printing, flyers, advertising, venue costs, catering, computer costs etc). It is so good to have the bank on board and we ask you to consider going into either branch to discuss banking options, travel assistance and all types of insurance. The more people and groups that support the bank, the more it can give back to groups such as ourselves; that is indeed how we have been able to receive sponsorship.