Opening Up Again Bulletin

Hello to everyone again,

I hope you’re all finding the opportunity to go out, meet with friends or family and now even have a cuppa and/or meal at a café. I also hope that everyone continues to be busy, warm, safe and keeping well as restrictions begin to ease further. Please abide by all of the Government’s regulations and continue to keep safe.

Our committee has looked at a number of ways of re-commencing programs. We are very aware of government directives and so we are proposing to commence a staged process of bringing back programs. The first stage will begin in July and we will assess the programs at the end of August. Please refer to the events schedule on Pages 3-5.

With what we are offering, it is entirely your choice as to attend or not. We are bound by the 4 square metre rule, we will have sanitiser on hand and a participant list for names, phone numbers, times etc. Please be assured that we will not take any risks with our activities as your health is of the utmost importance and will not be compromised.

We strongly encourage you to download the Covid App, keep it open (if not already done), have the flu shot (if not already done) and wear a mask if you choose.

We must have bookings for all activities as numbers will be limited. If after booking you are in any way not feeling well, please do not attend and ring the contact person and let them know you won’t be attending. We won’t be able to have morning or afternoon tea at this stage and encourage participants to bring their own water, hot drinks and snacks as necessary.

For activities at Cobdenhealth, entry is only via the front office in Victoria Street. The activities will be in the Old Gym. You will be directed there from the office.

At this stage we plan to keep a member newsletter on a fortnightly basis so we would like you to send us details of any celebrations please – anniversaries, birthdays, including special ones, so we can all celebrate. Photos in .jpg format can be sent as well please. Also, if you’d like to send us something unique you’re doing through the virus crisis, we’ll put it in the news sheet also.

Gary Kimber