The President’s March Message

What a great start we’ve had to our U3A year. With over 140 members (and growing!) and despite the terrible weather on the day of our AGM and Course Enrolment our programs are up and running and many are showing record numbers of participants. You can read all the details in our March newsletter.

Thank you to everyone who did attend and we appreciated the comments made to us. We thank the Rustic Tarts for their wonderful afternoon tea.

Just a reminder to double check your program choices with your calendars/diaries and please at any time if you can’t make a program you’ve chosen, let the contact person know ASAP. This is so important particularly when a payment is required.

As with all our programs, we encourage you to car share. If you require a lift, please call your contact person and hopefully a lift can be sorted out.

Also as I indicated at the AGM please wear you’re lanyard to each activity you attend. You have been given 2 membership cards – one with your first and last name and one with the Christian name you prefer to be called. Most importantly you should have the medical card fully completed and placed in between the 2 membership cards. This is a safeguard for you in the event you are taken ill at an event. Also it assists the leader should such an incident occur. We thank you for your co-operation with this. Below you will see the March programs that have been planned. We hope that you enjoy them.

As we plan to run activities that include bus travel, we are hoping to be able to use some of our sponsorship money to subsidise the travel component and thus make them just that bit more affordable.

At the AGM we thanked our sponsors – the Cobden/Camperdown Community Bank and Helloworld Camperdown and ask that you please consider going to see them to chat about their offerings. If you do go in, please mention that you are with U3A as this assures them their sponsorship money has been worthwhile and may again ensure our ongoing partnership with them. Please remember they are the only Community Bank and Travel Agency in our Shire.

Our Committee is nearing full membership as we have had 3 members join us for 2020. We welcome Sue, McInnes, Helen James and Pam Jellie to our group.

Our U3A Corangamite Committee for 2020 is:

  • Gary Kimber, President – 0439 079 098 or
  • Dominique Fowler, Vice President – 0438 918 337 or
  • David Mernagh, Secretary/Newsletter – 0429 951 643 or
  • Linda Castaldo, Treasurer/Membership – 0438 457 825 or
  • Don McInnes – 0448 230 248 or
  • Anne Ward – 0488 451 094
  • Karen Richardson – 0429 225 225 or
  • Sue McInnes, 0428 230 244 or
  • Helen James – 0409 438 044 or
  • Pam Jellie – 0458 361 880 or

Our U3A has reciprocal rights with U3A Colac/Otway so you may take part in any one of their many courses. Please check their newsletters when we post it for you monthly.

One of our Appy Hour groups has been able to take advantage of the technological skills of a young man in Cobden. As a result we are encouraging you to consider using him if you are in need of assistance with anything computer/printer/ smartphone/ tablet etc. His name is Marcus Hooker and his phone number is 0403 122 987.

We hope we can serve you the members well, and look forward to any suggestions particularly in relation to new courses.

Since the AGM I have had several members’ mention they know of someone who may well be a potential member. Please continue to help us with new members and get them to contact myself or any committee person for information.

Finally we hope that you continue to have a special time with us, continue to learn, meet new friends, laugh a lot and just have a great time.

Gary Kimber