We’re looking forward to an exciting new year at U3A Corangamite

2018 already sees us with a total of 110 paid up members. This is a fabulous start and as 20 are new members we welcome them  and our old members back to U3A Corangamite.

This year we promise to provide a wide variety of course offerings all around the Shire and also to provide you with a newsletter every 2 months.

This year you will receive a name badge which we encourage you to wear at all U3A events.

Along with the badge we will provide a medical card for you to fill in as an emergency strategy.

Please fill it in and carry it with you.

It actually will fit in the badge holder.

Lets all have a great year together and continue to Live Well and to continue learning.

Gary Kimber

President, U3A Corangamite